Collapse Defined

Under standard property insurance forms, the term collapse has undergone several changes both as an peril and an exclusion. Perhaps the most perceived way to define collapse is as a ”loss of actual shape, the sudden fall, or flattening of a building into a heap of rubble”. Note that the definition does not indicate a complete destruction of the building, there must be considerable loss or damage for the property to trigger collapse coverage.

However, some courts regard the definition of collapse has been ambiguous and susceptible to different interpretations by the insurer as well as the insured.  As a result of this, it was therefore acknowledged that the method to define collapse should be interpreted as “substantial endamage of the actual structural integrity” of the property.

Ways to define collapse damage

There are different ways in which collapse damage can be applied in the niche of insurance. However, for posterity purposes, the way to define collapse damage will be restricted to property (real estate, commercial and personal).

All commercial properties or homes are built with their designs taking note of the loads they are to bear. With that in mind, the properties are also structured in a way to withstand a certain level of exposure to the elements. Even that, properties still cave in or fall down either as a result of damage caused by:

  • The weather or nature (storms, floods, earthquakes)
  • Extraordinary situations (hidden decay, accidents etc.)

The next question after the insurance company define collapse to you the insured would be if the homeowner’s insurance policy covers it.

Does your Homeowners Insurance Policy Define Collapse Coverage?

Regardless of whether or not you reside in a high-risk flood zone (Florida) or experience earthquakes (California), homeowners policy covers the peril collapse. The insurer often define collapse in ambiguous terms. One thing you should note insurers may try to mask what the coverage details behind a veil of ambiguity. As a matter of fact, without the help of an expert such as a public adjuster, who works for your interest, the chances of you successfully getting your collapse claim paid is very slim.

How We Help 

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