pipe bursting

Pipe Bursting… Discover if Your Personal Property Covered By Insurance

As a homeowner, understanding your insurance policy and whether you are covered for pipe bursting. We will discover if your personal property is covered. Let’s peel back the layers of a basic homeowners policy and get some answers.

The Personal Property

The Smith family, who was a middle-aged couple, received an inheritance of personal property after the death of one of their parents. The amount of personal items was so vast that their entire basement eventually became filled with a mixture of furniture, trinkets and whatnots.

Pipe Bursting

As time passed, they experienced a pipe bursting. Water came from everywhere, submerging their basement entirely and resulted in severe water damage to all of the property as well as their flooring and walls. In order to restore the basement, the restoration company required all of the personal property be removed before they could proceed.

Neglect of Restoration Company

On a nice sunny day, one of our adjusters was passing by and witnessed the restoration company dumping items from the basement into dumpster. The adjuster later spoke with the homeowners and after a series of questions, realized their items was disposed without documentation.

Inventory Items and Submit Documentation

The family decided to hire help. After our team took charge we climbed into the nasty disgusting dumpster and photographed over 500 treasured and irreplaceable items. After everything was accounted for, the team was able to estimate the total value of $70,000!

The Smiths never thought that a pipe bursting could lead to such a happy ending!

Our Trained Adjusters

Can you imagine throwing away $70,000? As a result of fast-thinking and knowledge. Bi-State Public Adjusters was able to help the Smiths recover money they didn’t realize was available.

We can easily help you too. If you are unclear about your current insurance claim, or have questions about pipe bust. Contact Bi-State Public Adjusters. No-obligation claim consultation or policy review. We’ll help you figure it out. Contact us today!